Displayed here is a collection of photographs of the hills, rivers and dales that make up the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). This is a wild, unspoilt part of Northern England where the communities are widely scattered and there is a real sense of space. Bleak hills are dissected by the dales of Teesdale, Weardale, Allendale and Tynedale, and the rivers that bear their name. This is England's largest upland area; the frequent rainfall gives rise to many spectacular waterfalls such as High and Low Force in Teesdale and Ashgill Falls, near Alston in Cumbria. High Cup Nick, a classic glaciated u-shaped valley gouged out of the Whin Sill bedrock, is an amazing spectacle.

Cross Fell at 893m above sea level, along with neighbouring Great Dun Fell and Little Dun Fell, make up the highest upland area in the whole Pennine chain. These peaks are particular favourites of mine, so I have dedicated a separate gallery of images to them entitled 'North Pennine Giants'.
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