This is a collection of images I made in August 2017 when my youngest son and I went on a trek run by Icelandic Mountain Guides in eastern Iceland. The route we followed was in two parts - the East Fjords from Borgarfjörður to Seyðisfjörður, followed by the second leg in the Lónsöræfi Nature Reserve, from Eyjabakkar to Höfn. In recent years Iceland has become a very popular destination for tourists but, for the moment at least, these areas are relatively quiet. The images shown here are some of my favourites from the trek and are intended to give a flavour of what can be seen in this spectacular part of Iceland. Seeing the Northern Lights (aurora borealis), in what was still summer, was an added bonus.
And if you want to see more, please have a look at my separate collection of black and white images from the same trek called 'Iceland Monochromes'.
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