This is a visual journey along the A66 trunk road which crosses Northern England for 115 miles from East to West. Tongue firmly in cheek, it has been described as Britain's answer to Route 66 in the USA  - somehow it's hard to imagine Chuck Berry singing about this one!
From its start in industrial Teesside, the A66 trunk road skirts by the large towns of Middlesbrough, Stockton and Darlington, then merges with the A1 Great North Road for a few miles as far as Scotch Corner - where it resumes its own identity. The 50 mile section from Scotch Corner to Penrith is probably the most well-known - some would say notorious - in view of the difficult driving conditions which can often be encountered, particularly across Stainmore at over 400 metres above sea level. Here the road crosses the North Pennines before descending into the Eden Valley in Cumbria. Just outside Penrith, the A66 crosses over the M6 motorway, before continuing on through the spectacular scenery of the Northern Lake District, arriving some 39 miles later in Workington on the west coast.
The purpose of this Gallery is to showcase images I have made of the A66 trunk road itself, some of the scenery visible from it, as well as other features close by, of which the passing traveller might not be aware. I have lived near the A66 for almost twenty five years but I often discover something I have not noticed before, so I update this Gallery with new content from time to time. In some cases I post a before-and-after shot to illustrate any significant changes. Constructive comments are welcome.

A good source of information on this important trunk road can be found on Wikipedia here.
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